Mah SiSsy. .


It gives me pains to see you leave,

But I never forget what I've learned through the years

We've gone through a lot together

Much less laughs and tears I'll always be there for you,

Even after we’re married I'll always stay true to you.

After all the love we’ve carried You are my sister,

And my very best friend You will always be And my love will never end

You are a part of me, And never will you ever leave my heart.

All the times we've shared together Our hearts will never part

Don't let anyone take my place,

They'll never change our lives together.

Or even if you think they will Remember we will be sisters forever

The laughs, we have We share the tears, We kept our promises

That have built up throughout the years.

I’ll love you all through life I'll never let us part,

Because you'll always have special place

That special place is in my heart.

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