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Just realize. . .

* At some point, I realize that i've done too much for someone already... that the only next possible step to do is to leave them alone.

Can anyone Trully Forgive and Forget???

- I believe there are people who can, but me can't forget because i don't want to be hurt again, so i have to remember in hopes that i don't repeat the same mistakes.


For 13

i love you so much.


Learn... that when you plan to get even with someone, you're only letting that person continue to hurt you.
Learn... that ignoring the facts do not change the facts.
Learn... that the easiest way to grow as a person is to surround yourself with people smarter than you are.
Learn... that no one is perfect until you fall in love with them.
Learn... that life is tough, but you can be tougher.


10 Ways to Spot a Liar

10 Ways to Spot a Liar
by: Katarina Kovacevic

It should be said that women were given a sixth sense for a reason. “Women’s intuition” is not just an urban myth so if your gut is telling you that your man is lying then he most likely is. But if you’re looking for a little more justification than just a funny feeling, here are some experts’ tips:

1. “Good liars will often have a quick and smooth response and use tactics that will redirect attention back to you or incite some kind of emotional response in you that can divert attention away from them and the lie,” said Manhattan-based clinical psychologist, J.Cilona. “Most other people might fumble a bit or show embarrassment. This is sign that they are not so sophisticated a liar and perhaps just made a bad choice.”

2. Dr. Eddy Kloprogge of FreudTV says you can detect lies by the way a person is smiling. “Forced smiles are easy to spot since they involved the muscles around the mouth,” said Kloprogge. “In a real smile, more facial muscles besides the mouth are involved. A dead giveaway is tightening around the eyes, which sometimes causes crows’ feet.”

3. Dr. Eddy also believes the behavior of other body parts can be a dead giveaway on whether or not a person is telling the truth. If their arms, legs, or hands are stiff and self-directed then they’re most likely lying. “The hands may touch or scratch their face, nose or behind an ear, but are not likely to touch their chest or heart with an open hand.”

4. “Be aware that sometimes men lie because their lady forces them to,” said Daylle Deanna Schwartz, author of Nice Girls Can Finish First. “If you’re overly possessive or jealous or have rules he doesn’t agree with, he may lie to avoid an unpleasant situation.”
5. Be a pseudo detective and check out his story – not by stalking him but by taking time to think through what he tells you. “Many liars are big at making up stories and they believe in being very dramatic. In the end, though, their stories just don’t add up,” said Coy Long, CEO oh Hotlanta Matchmakers.

6. Long also warns that a person who is lying will often times rapidly change the topic of conversation to try and throw the other person off. “They also get really defensive and their tone of voice is inconsistent with their body movements.”

7. Dr. J. Cilona tells people to be very aware of the other person’s answers and body language. “Many people pick up on subtleties without being totally aware of them and new research even shows that we can actually smell fear in the perspiration of others. These kinds of cues are often out of our awareness and get labeled as a feeling or intuition. Consider this to be one of the most important reasons for concern.”

8. Language and word usage can be a telltale sign for liars, according to Kloprogge, who tells clients to be conscious of the other person’s word choice. If they’re repeating your own exact words when answering a question or avoiding direct statements and answers they’re probably not being honest.

9. Answers drenched in humor or sarcasm is an indication that they’re trying to avoid a subject – a big no, no.

10. Silence truly is golden. Kloprogge advises to allow total quiet into the conversation as it will give you a chance to observe their reaction. A person who is lying will most likely become very uncomfortable and restless when there is a pause in conversation.


I Want to cool down gurl. . .

My yummy chocolate parfait . . pagsaputon ko usually mukaon ko ug fries or ice cream then afterwards, ok na ako hehehe weird though but it's true. Lately kasi mxado me stress so i need to relax and cool down. Xempre together with my friends.

With Charyn here. . .

Hhmmm. . . delisiosa

Charyn . . katuwang ko sa food.

Yah. . hapit na mahurot..lolz


I'm so Happy and Sad! ! !

Last Friday was our last and final exam for our first term. I have two remaining subjects to take that day, my Eco 1a and Marketing 1. After taking examination in Eco, i ran to my next subject which is my marketing1. We're all excited because it's also the announcement of who is the best group in Product Presentation. Around 5:00 pm we finished our examination and right away we prepare our tarpaulins and product to judge ma'am bulao who's the best and who's not. She rated every group and revealed our scores by criteria.Our group got 4 points in Tarpaulin, 3 points in TV ad, 5 points on radio ad, 5 points in group coordination, 5 points for the unique product, 5 points on packaging and lastly, 5 points on the product set up . . for a total of 32 points. And, surprisingly we got the highest score among the 5 groups. Me and my group we're all happy about the result.. we can't imagine that we won hahahahaha!!! Grabe tlga yung experience. . ung effort, time, sacrifices and patience lahat lahat ng yun worth it. And, Mataas grade namin nun. CONGRATS TO US!!!

Hungry and Mad. . . mixed emotions!!! hungry coz 10:00 pm na, di pa kmi kumakain coz me and charyn are waiting for our friend charie. Mad, coz nag away kmi ni Mr. 13 coz ang tgal nya di nagreply and his out with his friends somewhere.kainis!!!!Nung di dumating c charie, cha and i decided na kkain nlng kmi then pupunta kmi kna denis after.So, denis came coz i texted him na mlapit lang kmi sa knila then we went to denis place at naginuman. kinalimutan ko na lang problema ko.. .nakakasira ka tlga ng mood 13!!!

During Product Presentation

Descriptive Label:
Frappé presents the new Frappé Mudslide Chocolate Bar.
Filled with Creamy Durian Jam and Topped with Desiccated coconut.
Mudslide is a fruitful- flavored chocolate- all in one bite! Perfect for
Teenagers looking for maximum chocolate pleasure.

The Nature of the Product
The Frappé Mudslide Chocolate Bar contains a semi chocolate that blends with the taste of creamy Durian Jam. It also has a unique smell that gives intense and aroma to all chocolate lovers. Mudslide also contains desiccated coconut that would give extra texture of the chocolate and also almond extra for added taste of the chocolate bar.

Reason for Producing
The Frappé Mudslide Chocolate Bar Product produced to satisfy the market in different kind of variety due to many producers of chocolates, but then Teenager Corporation making it unique by using Durian Jam Filling. It also Produce to give pleasures to all teenagers and to all chocolate lovers. Also the corporation producing it in a sense that it helps the company become profitable, progressive and most especially globally competitive.


S C R A P B O O K I N G ! !

This are mah things for scrapbooking. . .
Mah cutie colored papers. . .

Stickers. . . Other Stuffs. . .
My tools for my crafts. . . ART is fun thing to do.


Seven Travel Secrets to Keep You Safe

1. Ask to be assigned a room above the ground floor, especially if there are sliding glass doors — an entry point offering easier views of and access into your room. Once inside your room, check the door and window locks.

2. Hang the Do Not Disturb sign on the door when you’re out so would-be thieves will think the room is occupied.

3. If the desk clerk mentions your room number out loud and there are other guests around, request that you be given a different room.

4. If you’re planning to arrive at night, have the rental car agency or hotel arrange for someone to accompany you to and from parking lots.

5. If you use the preorder menu that hangs on your door all night, don’t mark a first name or the number of people in the room — this reveals to anyone passing your room that you’re alone.

6. Pull the drapes shut as soon as you walk into your hotel room. If you plan on staying at an inexpensive motel, pack some safety pins and duct tape so you can make sure the curtains are completely closed.

7. If you like to walk around naked in your hotel room (no judgment!), cover the peephole on the interior side of the door with a Band-Aid. This way you can easily peel it off when you need to peek out.


C H O C O L A T E Lover !!!

Chocolates are a delicious treat.They're fun to chew on And more fun to eat.The variety of chocolatesWill make your head spin.But they are to die for.They are such a sin.Truffles and nuggets;Caramel and crunch;Eat them for a snack. Have them for lunch. Unwrap the chocolates,You can't miss,If you have a chocolate,
In the form of a kiss.Dark chocolates send me Out of this world.They taste delicious.Ask any boy or girl.Colorful chocolates With smooth, candy coating;Nuts and raisins Will make your mind floating.Yes, so I'm destined to gain some weight,But I love chocolates and that's my fate.

Mah SiSsy. .


It gives me pains to see you leave,

But I never forget what I've learned through the years

We've gone through a lot together

Much less laughs and tears I'll always be there for you,

Even after we’re married I'll always stay true to you.

After all the love we’ve carried You are my sister,

And my very best friend You will always be And my love will never end

You are a part of me, And never will you ever leave my heart.

All the times we've shared together Our hearts will never part

Don't let anyone take my place,

They'll never change our lives together.

Or even if you think they will Remember we will be sisters forever

The laughs, we have We share the tears, We kept our promises

That have built up throughout the years.

I’ll love you all through life I'll never let us part,

Because you'll always have special place

That special place is in my heart.


6 Ways to End a Relationship

Ending a relationship is never easy, even when you’ve truly had enough and you’re ready for freedom. But there are ways to make the deed go as smoothly as possible. If you only remember one thing, let it be this. Break up with others as you would like to be broken up with. Other than that, here are 6 of our best break-up methods.
1. Be honestWhether he ends up believing you or not, being honest with whomever you’re breaking up with is the best way to go. Tell him why you need to move on and answer any questions he may throw at you as honestly as you can. Think about the times you were dumped with no reason. How did you feel? It probably frustrated you wondering why, when things appeared to be going so well, he decided to end it. Be fair and be honest with him.
2. Pick the right timeSome poor choices include at a party or any other social gathering, in the car or doing a mundane yet domestic task together such as grocery shopping. Chances are, he’ll be caught off guard no matter when you break the bad news, but if you do it in the frozen food section, he may have a much stronger reaction that if you do it at a café or in your neighborhood park. There is never going to be a perfect time to break up with someone, but try to have as much control over the time as you can, rather than blurting it out over brunch with friends.
3. Do it in a public placeThis minimizes the chances for chaos. If you’re in a restaurant and there are people around, he will be less likely to fly off the handle and cause a scene. If you’re alone and he freaks out, you might be more likely to cave and call the whole thing off. Being in a public place may give you the confidence you need to follow through. Plus, when it’s over you can just walk away, rather than trying to get him to leave you place.
4. Do it in personDo not be that person who ends a relationship electronically. Breaking up with someone via text, email or even over the phone is totally disrespectful. Even if you can’t wait to be rid of him, at least have the courage to look him in the eye as you dump him.
5. Make sure you are absolutely ready to do itNot being totally sure of your feelings when you go to end a relationship can mess with your heart and his. If you’re not completely certain that it’s the right thing to do, you’ll confuse him and make him feel like he still has a chance, or worse, you’ll lose him when you still have feelings for him. Be totally ready to cut the ties or risk more heartache than necessary.
6. Take the high roadChances are if he doesn’t see it coming, he won’t be happy with being dumped. He will curse at you, call you every name in the book, and make you feel like hauling off and punching him in the face. Restrain yourself. You’re leaving anyway, so just take a deep breath, nod politely and then walk away. You won’t gain anything by goading him on or giving him the satisfaction of knowing he upset you.