During Product Presentation

Descriptive Label:
Frappé presents the new Frappé Mudslide Chocolate Bar.
Filled with Creamy Durian Jam and Topped with Desiccated coconut.
Mudslide is a fruitful- flavored chocolate- all in one bite! Perfect for
Teenagers looking for maximum chocolate pleasure.

The Nature of the Product
The Frappé Mudslide Chocolate Bar contains a semi chocolate that blends with the taste of creamy Durian Jam. It also has a unique smell that gives intense and aroma to all chocolate lovers. Mudslide also contains desiccated coconut that would give extra texture of the chocolate and also almond extra for added taste of the chocolate bar.

Reason for Producing
The Frappé Mudslide Chocolate Bar Product produced to satisfy the market in different kind of variety due to many producers of chocolates, but then Teenager Corporation making it unique by using Durian Jam Filling. It also Produce to give pleasures to all teenagers and to all chocolate lovers. Also the corporation producing it in a sense that it helps the company become profitable, progressive and most especially globally competitive.

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