I'm so Happy and Sad! ! !

Last Friday was our last and final exam for our first term. I have two remaining subjects to take that day, my Eco 1a and Marketing 1. After taking examination in Eco, i ran to my next subject which is my marketing1. We're all excited because it's also the announcement of who is the best group in Product Presentation. Around 5:00 pm we finished our examination and right away we prepare our tarpaulins and product to judge ma'am bulao who's the best and who's not. She rated every group and revealed our scores by criteria.Our group got 4 points in Tarpaulin, 3 points in TV ad, 5 points on radio ad, 5 points in group coordination, 5 points for the unique product, 5 points on packaging and lastly, 5 points on the product set up . . for a total of 32 points. And, surprisingly we got the highest score among the 5 groups. Me and my group we're all happy about the result.. we can't imagine that we won hahahahaha!!! Grabe tlga yung experience. . ung effort, time, sacrifices and patience lahat lahat ng yun worth it. And, Mataas grade namin nun. CONGRATS TO US!!!

Hungry and Mad. . . mixed emotions!!! hungry coz 10:00 pm na, di pa kmi kumakain coz me and charyn are waiting for our friend charie. Mad, coz nag away kmi ni Mr. 13 coz ang tgal nya di nagreply and his out with his friends somewhere.kainis!!!!Nung di dumating c charie, cha and i decided na kkain nlng kmi then pupunta kmi kna denis after.So, denis came coz i texted him na mlapit lang kmi sa knila then we went to denis place at naginuman. kinalimutan ko na lang problema ko.. .nakakasira ka tlga ng mood 13!!!

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